Centerm Center for Excellence in Pakistan

Centerm, the global leader in cloud clients, financial terminals and payment terminals, is proud to announce that we have launched Centerm Center for Excellence in Pakistan (CCE) for show casing all Centerm innovative solutions & products for the region.

The showroom is a collaboration of our Pakistan distributor NC Inc, which has two floor dedicated to Centerm products.

– Meeting rooms and small demo facility for customer selected equipment preview;

– Complete Centerm product offering including, Thin / Zero / Cloud clients, E-POS units, E-payment units for the Enterprise, Finance & Banking, SMB & Home.

“Centerm showroom in Pakistan delivers a platform that give our customers more choices to build effective solutions to fit their needs. Our goal is to help our customers arrive at the revolutionary future, which allows them to maximize their experience and boost their productivity.” said Mr. Zheng, Overseas Department Manager from Centerm.

“We welcome our prospects and clients to our ‘One Stop Solution & Display Center ’ where the customer can see, experience and feel the complete Centerm product portfolio as well as at the same time try out the various Centerm Solutions offered all in an informal congenial atmosphere. The customers interactive compatibility issues, hands on product accessibility and product acquaintance goes a long way in forging a relationship of trust for Centerm as the Technology Partner.” said Mr. Sami Askari, CEO – NC Inc.

About Centerm

Centerm, APeJ’s No.1 thin client supplier with over ten years focusing on IoT clients and solutions. Our award-winning solutions have been recognized by diverse markets for high quality, reliability and innovation. For more information, please visit:

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