Centerm Takes the Top Spot in the Global Thin Client Market

March 21, 2024 – According to the latest report by IDC, Centerm has achieved the top spot in the global thin client market in terms of sales volume for the year 2023.

This remarkable achievement comes amidst a challenging market environment, where Centerm has stood out with its
strong innovative capabilities and steady business growth, outperforming many international brands. Over the past two decades, Centerm has undergone a remarkable transformation, rising from being the number one brand in China to the top spot in Asia Pacific, and finally reaching the pinnacle of global leadership. This powerful performance firmly establishes Centerm as the leading position in the industry. (Data source: IDC)

Innovation as the Driving Force

Behind this success is Centerm’s continuous investment in research and development and its unwavering commitment to innovation. The company has been closely following industry trends and integrating cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, edge computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) into its product offerings. This has resulted in the launch of innovative solutions such as Smart Finance, Smart Education, Smart Healthcare, and Industrial Automation 2.0. Centerm has successfully implemented these solutions in various fields such as finance, telecom, education, healthcare, taxation, and enterprise, showcasing its leading position and strong capabilities.

Flourishing Overseas Business

Overseas business is a key market segment for Centerm, and the company has been actively planning and expanding its global presence. Currently, its marketing and service network covers more than 40 countries and regions worldwide.

In recent years, Centerm has achieved remarkable results in multiple industry sectors overseas. In the financial sector, its financial solutions have been successfully deployed in mainstream financial institutions in countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and South Africa, achieving rapid market growth. In the education and telecom sectors, Centerm has established partnerships with multiple international manufacturers and is actively deploying its solutions in the industry markets of Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia, Israel, and Canada. In the enterprise sector, Centerm has made significant inroads into the European, Middle Eastern, South African, Japanese, and Indonesian markets, with numerous breakthrough project.

Centerm has always been committed to working hand-in-hand with its overseas partners. Based on the specific conditions of different countries, it customizes scenario-based solutions and quickly responds to meet business needs, empowering overseas markets with digital technologies. 

Deep Cultivation of the Domestic Market

In the domestic market, Centerm provides customized solutions for multiple industries based on customer scenario requirements. Currently, its market coverage in the domestic financial industry exceeds 95%. It has successively launched smart financial solutions and financial software solutions, covering multiple application scenarios such as counters, offices, self-service, mobile, and call centers. Centerm has become the preferred brand for banks, insurance companies, and government agencies that have strict requirements for data security and confidentiality mechanisms.

Centerm is also one of the first solution providers in the industry to independently develop a cloud platform. With its deep technical expertise and extensive industry experience covering cloud platforms, virtualization protocols, cloud computer terminal hardware, and operating systems, Centerm has achieved full coverage of the three major domestic telecom operators’ businesses. It has jointly developed scenario-based solutions with telecom operators and successively launched various cloud terminals.

In other industries, Centerm leverages the technological advantages of different desktop computing solutions such as VDI, TCI, and VOI to integrate the pain points and needs of the education, healthcare, taxation, and enterprise sectors. It has developed a series of full-stack solutions such as Cloud Campus, Smart Healthcare, and Smart Taxation to empower the informatization construction of various industries.

According to IDC’s market forecast, the future market outlook is optimistic. Centerm, with its deep scenario-based product innovation capabilities and user trust gained from cultivating the industry market, will continue to hone its product advantages and quickly meet the differentiated needs of domestic and overseas customers in various industries. At the same time, it will join hands with distributors, partners, and customers to carry out global diversified cooperation and jointly empower the digitalization and intelligentization upgrade of thousands of industries.